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Ok, let's get over this one more time!, whit feeling!
We are very tired of people submitting on the wrong folders. Sorry but that is the truth :(

Monster High dolls have a folder for them. PLEASE. DO NOT SUBMIT Monster-High DOLLS ON THE "General BJD Pictures" FOLDER. -- Same goes for PULLIPS, EAH dolls and DD or similar dolls. EACH HAS A SPECIFIC FOLDER that we care to make specifically for each doll, so newcomers and general people can look up the dolls they want and find them easily.

We know many consider MH/EAH dolls to be "ball jointed dolls" or DollfieDream to be "Ball jointed dolls" or HUJOO ABS Plastic to be "ball jointed dolls" and in a way, THEY ARE, we are not discriminating them but giving them his own important personal folder. Not because we want to "push them away from the BJD tag" but because we embrace their uniqueness in each way!

If you have any 'art and conceptual picture' of your doll, that goes into "BJD Concept Art - and pics...", and so on, is REALLY simple! c'on guys! :( The names on the folders are quite clear, ans still, we have to spent time each day correcting submissions until we realize almost all submissions where on "the wrong folder"... :'(

PLEASE-PRETTY-PRETTY-PLEASE, we honestly don't know HOW to say this anymore... so unfortunately we have to take some actions, and from now on members who spam -pictures of the same doll wearing the same clothing/wig/eyes/etc. on the same place/pose-, and members who -put their deviations on the wrong folders- will be BANNED at least for a time until they understand how important this is for us... :(
We are pretty against this, it was not at all the original intent for what the group was made up, but since we started warning users about things like this and they ignore our repeated requests over, and over and OVER again, despising the increasing restrictions we had to implement over time to show them -we where serious about this- and -we are very short on staff and just want the group to be in order-, they continued making the same mistake over and over again and ignoring the warnings "because there was no consequence at all".

We like members to participate, but we need a minimum help to keep the group in order, and the only thing you need to do when submitting is doing it in the right folder and/or don't put a 10 pictures in a row of the same doll. We understand everyone loves their doll, and we encourage creativity and love above all, if you don't have another doll or don't have more clothing for the doll that's OK, but you can make a change on the picture so it doesn't looks exactly the same in a different angle, even using the same cellphone camera (or any cheap camera), and using the same LOCATION and doll on the pictures, even then you can change his/hers hairstyle (even with a fur wig, use a 'toothbrush' for styling), and even if the body is 'a horrible poser' you can still try at least to make variations on the position (use a wire frame inside the doll or just use your imagination and part of the background to help the doll pose better and different on the pic), we don't cut nearly anything on this group because we want it to make it free and accessible to everyone regardless of their personal believes or choices, we are completely recast friendly, "cheap-doll" friendly, legit-and/or-expensive friendly, non-resin friendly... I mean, c'on guys! just a bit of help out here! :(

Thanks for reading.

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September 22, 2013


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